How to distinguish car tire models

Specifications are indicative of tire geometry and physical properties. Tire specifications are often represented by a set of numbers, with the previous number indicating the width of the tire section and the latter number indicating the diameter of the rim, both in inches. The letters or symbols in the middle have special meanings: “x” means high-pressure tires; “R” and “Z” means radial tires; “one” means low-pressure tires. Level: Level refers to the nominal number of layers in the rubber layer of the tire, and The actual number of plies is not completely consistent and is an important indicator of tire strength. The level is marked in Chinese, such as 12 levels; in English.

Usually refers to 4 hole / 6 hole steel ring, not a tire. Generally refers to several holes in the tire screw, the inner ring of the steel ring supports several holes.

Steel ring diameter (port size) Tire model Applicable models 165/70R13 Geely, antelope, Xiali, FAW Jiabao and so on.

175/70R13 Antelope, old Jetta, Palio, US and Japan, Mazda 323, Maxima and so on.

165/70R14 Beverly, polo, Ingle, etc.

185/70R13 Old Poussin, Nissan Sunshine, etc.

185/60R14 New Jetta, Beverly 1.6, Elysee, Seo, etc. 195/60R14 Sant Tana 2000, the new Santana.

195/70R14 Red flag, clouded leopard, etc.

195/65R15 Passat, Bora, China, Honda 2.3.

205/60R15 Audi A61.8/2.4, red flag V6.

205/55R16 New Audi A62.8/2.4, Volvo S60, BMW 328i.

205/55R16: 1 "205" refers to the width of the tire section, which is the width (in millimeters) between the two sidewalls. This width varies with the width of the rim that the tire matches: wide rim width tire Narrow rim with narrow tires. The width of the tire generally indicated on the sidewall is the width when the tire is mounted to the rim of the recommended width.

2 "55" is the flat ratio of the tire, which is the ratio of the width of the tire to the height of the tire. Here, the height of the tire is 65% of the width of the tire. The smaller the value, the flatter the flatness. "R" refers to the structure of the tire, indicating the tire. For the meridian structure, that is to say, its ply is arranged in the auxiliary body in the auxiliary body. "B" indicates that the tire is a skew structure, and the car tires of the skew structure are no longer present.

3 "16" indicates the diameter of the steel ring (in inches). This tire must match a 16-inch steel ring, otherwise it cannot be installed. 50-12 Yellow River 4 hole / 6 hole steel ring

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